The Elevator

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3×7 minutes Award Winning Comedy Series

The Elevator is the story of a girl with a moustache abandoned in an elevator and mistakenly raised by a superhero as a boy. #GenderIssues #LGBTQ+

As she’ll grow up inside the elevator waiting for her mother, she will soon realize that this elevator is not a regular one and after discovering the secret passages of the elevator she will find herself in the center of a thousand year old prophecy that will ultimately bring the battle between Good vs. Evil to an end…

The prophecy of a hybrid… The Girl with a Moustache!

One stormy night Baby Joe opens his eyes into an empty elevator with no one around. Alone and scared she wonders about her life moving forward.

At that exact moment she sees Qushyman, a forgotten superhero created in an Eastern European lab during World War II, who will instantly decide to take her under his wings and raise her as his own but only by a very common and honest mistake, as a boy.

#LGBTQ #Gender Issues

Qushyman, a communist attempt of mighty Captain America back in the day after the defeat of the Soviet block in Cold War very rapidly had fallen from the grace and now lives all alone in the shaft of this elevator away from all human contact.

So now he will dedicate his time and efforts to train this innocent child in his image and from there on their friendship will grow over the two decades that they will spend together in The Elevator.

Now 20 years has passed and Joe has become the Man plus the chief financial director of the elevator. But even though time has helped, the mystery of his mother abandoning him as a baby still hunts him to this day.

So now he will have to turn to the fuzzy memory of Extremely Old & Reasonably Mysterious Man, a ten inch 3D printed puppet who lives in a tiny house inside the elevator and even though he’s a bit of a redneck and a major conspiracy theorist, he still is the only one remembering the day that Joe was abandoned in the elevator twenty years ago.

He will tell him the story of her mother, an elite Navy Seal whose mission was to eliminate national security threats suspected of shaping the world’s future. But the moment she found out that her latest target was an innocent child she could not go through with it.

And soon the mother of Joe will be back and she will be the initiator of a certain chain of events that will slowly but surely reveal the great prophecy one step out of time and every episode we will visit a different blockbuster plot in order to witness the journey of our Heroine… The very Chosen One…

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The Elevator - Trailer

Awards and Accomplishments


  • Winner Webfest Berlin What’s Next Award: Writer
  • Winner London Gold Movie Awards Best Series
  • Winner Los Angeles Global Film Awards Best Trailer
  • Winner Miami Web Fest Best Trailer
  • Winner International Online Web Fest Best Costume Design


  • Best Web Series Valencia International Film Festival
  • Best Web Series Seoul Web Fest
  • Best Comedy Seoul Web Fest
  • Best Rising star Seoul Web Fest
  • Best Cinematography Seoul Web Fest
  • Best Music Seoul Web Fest
  • Best Web Series International Online Web Fest
  • Best Young Director International Online Web Fest
  • Best Production Design International Online Web Fest
  • Best Costume Design International Online Web Fest
  • Best Visual Effects International Online Web Fest
  • Best Original Amet Bilbao Web Fest
  • Best Top Amet Bilbao Web Fest
  • Best Star Wars Amet Bilbao Web Fest

Official Selections:

  • Official Selection Independent Television Festival
  • Official Selection New York Yonkers Film Festival
  • Official Selection Hollyweb Film Festival
  • Official Selection Valencia International Film Festival
  • Official Selection Los Angeles Global Film Festival
  • Official Selection London Gold Movie Awards
  • Official Selection Seoul Web Fest
  • Official Selection Bilbao Web Fest
  • Official Selection Webfest Berlin
  • Official Selection International Online Web Fest
  • Official Selection Miami Web Fest


Check out this amazing review from @EnricAlbero about our series as a part of the selection of the 33rd Valencia International Film Festival.

” The crazy vein of the the 33rd International Valencia Film Festival is exploding in The Elevator by Bora Omeroglu. It is the story of a baby with a moustache, raised in an elevator by a superhero who looks like Batman with osteoarthritis…”

” With an aesthetic that at times can remind the Jeunet-Caro duo, this Turkish comedy is between the bizarre explosion and the technical filigree without mitigating a feeling of dejà-vu…”

El Cultural is the biggest weekly culture magazine of Spain.

Check out the full article HERE by Enrico Albero.