Dedicated kindly to my treasured soul,

To remind her that there is always a pier wherever you find yourself in life.  


I used to fear destruction.

The evil, the shadows, the demons, the damage, the hurt…

Everything about it was always so scary.

It took me a long time to see but only now I am beginning to understand that destruction was always part of creation.

In fact, they were never apart…

As beloved human beings trying to survive on this planet we tend to perceive our world through the lens of polarity.

Good, bad, right, wrong everything exists for us with its polar opposite.

But this elaborate interpretation of our existence is precisely what keeps us from understanding the nature of our existence in its pure simplicity.

That is, everything that exists, do exist due to causes and conditions. Everything is just moving. There are no stories, no reasons, no explanations behind it… Everything is just is. 

Each living being on this planet has a unique path of their own that they follow. Not because they’re good or bad but only because they are just what they are.

Each single cell of every one of these beings knows exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, because all of this information is encoded even in their tiniest atoms. Just like us.

How many of these movements of our cells do we control?

Very little, isn’t it…

But us, acting on egoic tendencies, we like to invest in some sort of a plan. We believe we’re in control, so we build mental structures and try to maintain them as long as we can.

This process makes us feel safe. Because movement is not. Movement is change. And change is scary.

So, we ignore it. We act like things are stable until the moment there is a sharp break.

But how could life develop if some interruption would not happen?

How can we allow something new in our lives, if our only objective was to maintain what we had?

How could evolution have happened if the nature had only protected what was there in the first place?

That’s why destruction itself is part of creation. In fact, they are not two. But one.

So, the fact that there is disruption in our lives in the form of abuse, violence, death or unexpected outcomes is not something that we should be scared of.

On the contrary, every interruption to our lives is an invitation for creativity, for adaptation.

It’s an invitation to find out more about ourselves. An opportunity to find out how to contribute to this new situation without any rejection, without judgment, without resistance.

And once we relax into the change and embrace it, suddenly it is alright.

And if we sit with it for a while and think about it.

Isn’t this what our life is all about?

The unexpected…


Dear reader, thank you for accepting this kind invitation to take this journey with me. I hope in the words written below you’ll find love, wisdom and acceptance that you look for in your life.

There is magic in each moment…

Tune in to it 🌟


A little girl who seeks acceptance from the world finds her place in it, by discovering the true nature of the Universe, as love and magic.

Aren’t you tired of fighting? Aren’t you tired of being afraid?

Oh, my child— Aren’t you ready to let go?


Three nine-year-old boys chase a little girl in the woods. She’s five (and a half!), stubborn and afraid.

She’s a bit ahead and gets out of the woods first. But shit! It’s a dead-end. There is nowhere to go but the pier.

Out of breath, she heads to the edge. The boys quickly catch up and close in. Now she’s stuck.

The bully teases the little girl.

“Where is your father, little girl? Who is going to save you now?”

As they walk towards her, a piece of wood on the pier cracks and one of the boys falls in. He’s trapped.

Now there are two.

The bully doesn’t care.

“You think that’s going to save you? I am going to push you into the water and you’re going to drown.”

The little girl is afraid, and as she gets more anxious, her body starts to tremble. A strong wind picks up on the horizon and black clouds suddenly gather fast.

The second boy is alarmed now. He points the growing storm to the bully.

He doesn’t care.

“You think we’re going to be scared by a little wind and rain, little girl?”

At that moment, the storm picks up instantly. So much that the second boy has to hold on to the pier to stand. He can’t and he soon gives up. He goes back to help the first boy, and they both run away.

The bully alone now, fights the wind to get closer. He forces his way to the edge and grabs the little girl by the neck.

“There you are, little girl! Who’s going to save you now?”

Scared to death, the little girl screams from the top of her lungs like a banshee calling for help. Instantly, an all-powerful lightning strikes and rips the skies with its fearless thunder.

The bully looks up and he’s terrified of the thing he sees. He lets go of the little girl and runs away.

“This is not over! I’ll see you soon! I promise!”

The little girl, shocked and baffled, tries to make sense of what just happened.

As she calms down, she feels the winds softening and the clouds parting ways. The sun is shining again.

She catches her breath, slowly gets up and turns towards the water and see whaaaaat.!!!

A giant dragon is calmly looking back at her.

“Hello, my child!”


End of chapter one. 


Maeia opens her eyes and now she’s positive. This is not a dream. The giant dragon is still there sitting on the pier, staring at her. 

“I can see that you’re awake. You can come here if you want. I won’t hurt you.”

Maeia comes closer.

“Sorry– hi, I am Maeia.” 

“Hello Maeia. My name is Chiamara.” 

Once Maeia looks at Chiamara’s face, her expression changes. She recognizes her.

“I remember you. I used to see you in my dreams…” 

“That’s true. We’ve met before. You used to visit me when you went for walks with your father.”

Maeia gets embarrassed. 

“Yes. We don’t go for walks anymore.” 

“Oh, my child. I know he’s gone. Come here please.”

Maeia sits next to her on the pier. 

“I have been watching you since the day you were born Maeia… I know you’re hurt, I know you’re angry. I know you don’t want people to see you this way. That’s why you fight your friends all the time. You try to prove everyone that you’re just as strong…” 

“They are not my friends!!” 

Chiamara pauses. “Aren’t you tired of fighting?”

Maeia hides behind her pride: “No!” 

“I think you are. I think that’s why you called me.”

“What! Did I?” 

Chiamara comes closer.

“Oh, my child, I know you have dreams that show you things that you cannot explain… I know you talk to beings and entities that normal people can’t sense… I know you experience magic in your life, but you can’t fully understand…”

“I know you’ve been feeling alone all of your life…”

Maeia tears up. 

“But all this time my dear– you were never alone. We were always watching you, preparing you in your dreams, and guiding you in your experiences. So that one day you would be ready…”

“Ready for what?” 

Calmly whispers: “To stop fighting.”

Maeia doesn’t get it but it’s such a relief to be seen, to be understood. She feels like she’s been carrying this huge weight on her shoulders. A giant guilt of being ashamed of who she is. 

She finally lets go, and cries. Chiamara continues.

“I am here to show you everything you need to know about life, magic and beyond…”

“Here, on this pier there is a doorway. A magic veil between your world and the infinite possibilities of the Universe.”

“Listen to it. If you can find it, you can do anything, you can be anything, you can know anything…”

“The only question is, what do you want to know, my child?

Maeia sadly asks.

“Is my dad, really in heaven?” 

Chiamara smiles. She lifts her finger in the air and touches on Maeia’s forehead. 

“Why don’t you see it for yourself?” 

All of a sudden, Maeia’s consciousness goes through a tunnel into the 4th dimension of reality. There is no time, and space anymore. She finds herself in the universe, as the Universe. She doesn’t just see things. She remembers them.


She opens her eyes. She’s a star now. She’s right in the center of Pleiades, the constellation. She feels the entire energy of the star in her core, but it doesn’t burn. It doesn’t hurt. 

“This is wackyyyyyy.”

She remembers the story of Pleiades. She remembers her family. She looks down at the world from far and sees her beloved father, the Titan Atlas, carrying the skies on his shoulders. She sees her sisters next to her: Alcyone, Asterope, Celano, Taigete, Electra, Merope… 

They are all there together. Dancing, playing, shining with light. Shining with joy. This is a celebration of life.

Here, millions of years pass by in a second and suddenly each star one by one blasts like fireworks. The entire Universe becomes a magical painting of stardust, gas clouds and neon colors.

She’s mesmerized. But then the stars collapse into themselves, and she falls into a black hole. 


She wakes up in Atlantis. She remembers the beginning of human civilization on earth. She remembers beings of light from Sirius carrying the tesseract and downloading their consciousness into the planet. Projecting their entire knowledge, spreading life in their image.

Thousands of years pass and Atlantis goes under water. But life thrives everywhere.

Now she remembers herself walking in the streets of Kemet, along the river Nile. She remembers the seamless smell of the black earth, the lullaby she sings to her sweet daughter every night, the love that she feels inside for her.

“…I am a mother?” 

The earth shakes again, and she falls into a crack. It’s dark now. She even goes deeper. 

She remembers that she was a snake, a bird, a whale, a fly wandering around the deserts and the mountains, the oceans and the skies.

She remembers she was the water in her veins. She follows her journey into the rivers, to the sea, to the clouds, to the plants, back to her veins again. An endless cycle of life spiraling in space. 

She remembers all this data. It’s all right there. 

Then she finally sees the beginning. Full on silence. One unified field of light vibrating so tense it feels like it is about to expand. This is the moment of creation. The only moment that the Creator has a shape, as the one and only.

She knows it’s him. She feels it. It’s her father. He’s a presence in the field of light. 

“Dad? Is that you?” 

“Hello my love. How good it is to see you. Look how much you’ve grown.”

“I miss you, dad. I miss you so much.” 

“Oh, I miss you too, my love.”

“Why did you go! Why did you leave us, dad?” 

“Oh, my love. This may be hard to understand right now, but– you’ve asked me to.”


“Yes— before all this magic, before we both existed. Before the earth, the sun and the stars. Before all the galaxies, realms, hells and heavens. Before this moment of creation, my love— You’ve asked me to.”

“I don’t understand.” 

“You will, my love. You will, when you are ready.” 

She is confused, but she knows she doesn’t have much time.

She runs along to the light and gives him a huge hug. The light takes the shape of her father and hugs her back. 

When this feels complete, the light then changes its vibration again and decides to burst. Creating the first bang. Life. 

White light covers everything. She once again falls into a wormhole and finds herself on the pier with Chiamara. It’s nighttime now. 

“You’re back! Are you OK?”

Maeia feels sad and exhausted. She is too worn out to say anything. She slowly turns and walks away. 

“Good night Chiamara… Thank you.” 

Now Chiamara is sad, too. 

“Good night, my child. I’ll be here when you’re ready.”

Once Maeia gets out of the pier, she already feels the magic fading.

Did her father really have to die? Did she really ask him to die? To leave her alone? To leave her mother alone? 


It was his fault!! All of this. If he was alive, they would not have to move to this stupid village. She would not have to fight with everyone at school and her mother would still love her.  

She walks for a bit and calms down. 

The truth is, she misses her father a lot. He was the only man who ever loved her for who she really is. He adored her. And she loved his kind and sincere look when he hugs her, when he takes her hand or when they danced, or when he came home. Always kind, always smiling. 

She enters her house from the backyard. Lays on her bed. Her black cat comes and lays next to her. She contemplates what she had witnessed. 

“Why did you leave, dad?” 

“You’ve asked me to! 

“What did he mean?”

She falls asleep. It was a long day.

End of chapter two. 


Maeia is in the middle of the classroom, staring at the clock and eagerly counting the last minutes of the school day. Suddenly she snaps out of it.


She feels like someone’s kicked her leg. She looks down and sees Mr. Kitty Kat staring back at her.

“Hey! Why did you kick me?”

Mr. Kitty Kat is her three-legged black cat, and now he’s annoyed with Maeia restlessly shaking her legs right next to him on the floor. Maeia gets it.

“Sorry, I am anxious. Now get back in there. Someone’s going to see you.”

Mr. Kitty Kat rolls his eyes and gets in Maeia’s backpack where he usually resides.

He and Maeia are best friends since their childhood. He is a very particular character who’s consistently indifferent to everything around, and basically seems to be alive under protest.

Maeia quietly checks the classroom while she zips her backpack. They’re safe. She takes a deep breath.

Suddenly, a thought comes to her. 

She thinks. “It could have been way worse…” 

What she means by that is… This relatively boring and eventless school day could have been way worse. For instance, she thought, she could have been eaten by wolves and bears that were in the mountains.

Yeah. That could have happened.

And, the story could have easily gone like this:

“It could have been that the bully could’ve come to the school today. He could’ve told everyone that, because of Maeia, there was a gigantic dragon in the woods, and also, Maeia was an evil witch who can control the weather with her black magic…”

“Everyone would’ve lost their minds of course, and the principal would’ve call her mother to say that her daughter was in trouble. Again!”

“Her mother could’ve come to the school and told her: ‘This is it, Maeia. I’d warned you about this. No more trouble at school. I am putting you up for adoption.’ “

“And because Maeia would’ve never accepted to live with another family, she would’ve run from home and traveled through the mountains to their old house upon the hill. And on this epic, heroic journey, she could’ve been cheerfully eaten by the wolves and bears that eat little tiny children… Because sometimes in the winter they go really hungry.”

So there. She was right:

“This day could have been way worse.” 

Yet, instead of this unpleasant story in the mountains…

All she got today was, a couple of boys making fun of her, for being ‘an orphan’.

And this was something she knew how to handle.

This was a recurring story in her life. These boys knew it too well that this was her trigger.

And she couldn’t help it.

Being called ‘an orphan’ touched her every time. She always felt so humiliated and ashamed of this word. She hated the fact that she was so powerless against it. She hated the fact that these boys were allowed to say anything to her just because she was vulnerable.

So, she fought back every time as if somehow, if she can make them stop calling her ‘an orphan’ maybe she would stop feeling like one.

Maeia was two years old when her father died. He was away for work when it happened.

After the funeral her mother, in great pain, had decided to move to another village to start over.

Maeia was learning the world. She was in a wild mysterious environment. Everything was new and so interesting but she needed her dad’s attention, his presence, and he was gone…

Every day she came home from school and cried into his pillow thinking how much she was missing him. But he couldn’t be there, so she had to intuitively survive.

At the school boys hurt her, teased her and bullied her.

This is where it has all started and gradually she has become a wild rabid kid who always had to defend herself because there was no one else to do it for her.

But today when she was called ‘an orphan’ by these boys, she felt something different inside.

She felt a certain kind of calmness within, that was covering her natural urge to fight back.

This was Chiamara. 

She was whispering into her heart.

“Who are you really fighting, my child?”

And in that one small instant of timelessness… 

Maeia rested on this question.

She closed her eyes.

She listened to its echoes.

“Who— are you— really— fighting—”

And at the empty space she saw.

There was no one there. 

She was fighting no one.

No one— but herself.

Because the truth was she was an orphan, but she was just afraid to be. The truth was she was vulnerable, delicate and kind, but she was afraid to be.

The truth was her father was gone, and she was so angry about it…

She realized in order to protect herself, she was holding on to this anger and fueling it every day with these cyclical encounters. And this was exhausting.

Doing all this effort, she was resisting her true feelings to exist. She was resisting her true nature to manifest in this world.

And she didn’t have to.

Every part of her was already complete.

Every part of her was already how it was supposed to be.

Maeia, still felt her anger. She still felt her rage.

All of her being still wanted to fight these boys with everything she had. But she couldn’t.

This soothing whisper in her heart didn’t allow her to move, but just to see, just to observe. 

So, she calmly turned back and walked away from the boys. She went back to her seat, to the exact place she’s sitting right now, still hearing Chiamara’s whisper in her heart.

“One day, my child, you will see no difference between your loved ones and your enemies. That day you will understand, they were all the same since the beginning.”

“You will see that, what you call your ‘enemies’ were simply you, shining light to the parts of you that you were too blind to see.”

“You will see that, what you were angry at, since the beginning was always you simply looking back at you.”

“And until that day comes my child…”

“Until you are fully ready to accept everything about you, with all the good, the bad and the ugly— as part of you…”

“These stories will keep happening and you won’t be able to find your way out of them.”

Maeia is speechless. She knows it’s all true. She can’t explain it but she feels an irresistible pull towards these words.

Of course she wants to accept herself, as she is. Of course she wants be at peace… But how?

She feels lost, for a second.

But then, in these dark clouds she appreciates something.

She realizes that even in this very moment, she is not alone.

Chiamara is with her.

She realizes that finally she has someone in her life to truly care for her. Someone that can show her the way when she’s lost. Someone that can accompany her through whatever that was expecting her on her path.

And that simple fact, makes everything alright.

She knows it now.

Whatever comes… she’ll be alright.

Maeia finds herself smiling.

She can’t wait to go to the pier and thank Chiamara for all of this… If only this stupid, stupid school bell would ever ring!

So, she anxiously starts to shake her legs again, and turns back to staring at the clock and counting the last minutes of the day.

And just as Mr. Kitty Kat was about to get out of her backpack to kick Maeia again, the school bell finally rings and Maeia snaps out of it all together.

She immediately gets up, picks her backpack and Mr. Kitty Kat, and they’re the first ones out the door.

Off to the pier now.

She’s ecstatic and she runs like the wind.

She passes through the streets, the alleys, the market place.


“Coming through!”

She bumps into people, tumbles into shops and almost breaks the entire china shop.

“Oh, sorry!”

“It’s fine. I’m fine.” She doesn’t stop.

She runs along the lake, passes the bridge, through the forest, and finally she’s there.

The pier.

But something is wrong.

There is no one at the pier. No magic doorway. No Chiamara. Nothing.

Maeia is confused.

She shouts out to Chiamara. She shouts out to her dad. No one seems to answer.

So, she waits.

She tries to remember what Chiamara said about the pier. She looks for the portal. Under, over, sides…


She shouts out some more…


Eventually, she falls asleep on the pier.

After many hours, it’s dark now. Mr. Kitty Kat gently wakes Maeia and lets her know that it’s time to go home.

Exhausted and let down. She agrees. They leave.

The next day. She’s excited again.

The school bell rings and they sprint off the same route.

Streets, alleys, shops, the lake, the bridge, the forest. Finally, the pier.

But there is no one. Again.

They wait and go back. Again.

Next day. The same thing…

And the next…

And the next…

It’s been a week and nothing has changed.

She feels let down.

This is the story of her life. Whenever she has something she truly cares about, it’s always been taken away from her. She feels like it’s happening again.

But today, something is different.

There is a gray heaviness in the air. There is a strong wind and the waves are hitting the shore.

As she’s sitting on the edge of the pier, she suddenly notices a huge wave gathering across the horizon.

It’s so big that she feels in danger. She feels that the pier is in danger.

She shouts out again to Chiamara. Hears nothing back. She feels helpless and doesn’t know what to do.

The only thing she knows is that she won’t let anyone take the pier away from her. Not this time.

As the giant wave gets closer, the immense fear she feels inside combined with her anger activates something within her.

It feels like suddenly she can connect with the storm. In fact she becomes the storm.

She feels the storm in her veins. She feels its connection with the mountains, the clouds, the wind, the gravity. She realizes she can command the wind’s direction away from the shore and stop the wave.

She feels so powerful that she can already feel the winds slowly shifting and the waves getting softer. This is amazing.

But soon she knows it. This isn’t going to be enough. The giant wave is still so strong and it won’t weaken in time. She feels it. The wave will destroy the pier.

She suddenly lets go and collapses on the floor. As she’s sitting there, she takes a look at herself.

Afraid and helpless.

In fact, she had been afraid and helpless for all of her life.

She remembers small instances from her past.

She remembers herself alone in a corner at her father’s funeral. She remembers hearing her mother in her room, secretly crying every night. She remembers kids at school bullying her and making fun of her every day.

She finds herself tearing up, and being filled with outrage.

Suddenly, she makes a conscious decision. She gathers all of her strength, gets up and slaps her hand on the pier’s wooden floor, and she shouts out to the open skies.

“Be my witness Earth! Water! Wind! And Fire! Be my witness, so I am not moving!! I am tired of being afraid!! I am tired of being helpless!! Be my witness!! No more!! So I am not moving!!!”

As she stops saying these words, the giant wave is almost about to hit the pier. Maeia stands in defiance and does not step back. She shuts her eyes.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a lighting with thunder tears up the skies and Chiamara spreads her enormous wings in the air. She breathes her full fire into the giant wave and the entire part of the sea instantly evaporates.

This enormous change in temperature fills the air with mist, so much that it starts to pour out rain. The entire scenery looks like the end of an epic battle.

Maeia scarcely opens her eyes.

“Is it over?”

“You, silly little girl. You could have died here.”

She doesn’t care. She is so happy.

“I know. It was amazing—Did you see me? I was like ‘I am not moving’ and then you were like ‘beaaaaaaaagh’ – and then the giant wave like ‘ugh, I am dying’ – This was eeeeeeeepic!”

Then she remembers. She’s upset with Chiamara.

“Where were you, by the way? I’ve been calling you for days.”

“I know. I’ve been hearing it for days. Shouting at someone is not the same as calling them, is it?”

“Ugh, yes it is— Come on, let’s go. I want to see my dad and talk to him— and I want to see the stars and the sun, the moon— Come on, I thought you were going to teach me everything.”

Chiamara slows her down.

“No. I said, I am going to teach you everything when you’re ready.”

“Don’t be silly. I am ready, I promise.”

“Oh! Then tell me, Mrs. Ready. How does everything begin?”


She does not know that.

“How does everything begin?”

Maeia is completely blank, so she stalls.

“Wait, is that like a trick question, where I say: ‘Nothing really begins’ and you say like: ‘Wow Maeia, you’re like the smartest genius ever…’

Chiamara doesn’t have time for this.

“When you know— Call out to me.”

Maeia is worried now. She knows that if Chiamara leaves, she won’t be coming back soon.

“Wait, wait, wait!”

One last attempt.

She thinks long and hard about the question.

“How does everything begin?”


“See you, kid.” Chiamara flies away.

Maeia is desperate and angry again. She looks everywhere for the answer but just doesn’t see it.

Then she sees Mr. Kitty Kat, standing right next to her foot on the pier. Soaking wet and unhappy. But right there. Unmoved.

She quickly realizes that when the giant wave was about to hit the pier Mr. Kitty Kat did not move either.

He was willing to die with her. 

Tears come from her eyes. 

She contemplates about the depth of their friendship and his value in her life. 

She notices the bell on his red collar. It’s a small metal bell from their old house. But it’s symbolic. 

It takes her to the day they’ve met.

She remembers their lovely home on the countryside. The dreamlike hill, the sound of the river flowing, the evening sun hitting her eyes… There is life everywhere.

Maeia is two years old. She loves to move, she loves not to constrain her movements. She loves to feel her body just to let it be alive. She rolls on the grass, tumbling, jumping, running and stopping abruptly. She walks slowly, moves smoothly, or rhythmically. It’s so beautiful. Touching the ground with her feet gives her a kind of superpower.

Her father is there too. This was the last time they were all together. He’s cutting some wood and her mother is setting up the table. Everything is effortless and just happy. 

Her mother rings the dinner bell. 

“I am coming! I am coming!” 

Maeia runs towards the house, but suddenly she hears a sound in the bushes. 

She carefully follows the sound and sees a kitten so small, her eyes are barely open. It’s black and has one leg that’s shorter than the others. 

Maeia looks at him mesmerized. 

What is this thing that is so beautiful. She cannot make sense of all the feelings that rush within her body. 

The kindness, the compassion, the irresistible instinct to heal, to protect, and to love this creature — it amazes her. 

She is so curious, she can’t help it. She gently grabs the kitten and brings it to the house. She shouts at her father.

“Dad! Dad! Look what I’ve found!” 

“Oh, a kitten. But where is his mother, my love?” 

“I don’t know, he was all alone in the bushes.”

“I see. Then her mother must have left him.” 

“But, why?” 

“So, that she can keep his brothers and sisters alive.”

“But, that’s so sad.” 

“Why, my love. How else was he going to meet you?” 

Maeia smiles.

“So can he stay with us, dad?”

“Do you want to keep him? Are you sure, my love?” 

“Yes. Look at him, dad. He’s so little and he’s got nowhere to go. But I can love him and take care of him, I promise. And we can be friends, so that he’ll never be alone again.”

Looking at each other, her father and mother smile. They are so proud of her. 

“OK then. It’s official, we have a new member in our family— Wait! What do we call him?” 

As they all think a name for it, her father grabs a small metal bell from the nearby shack and puts it on the kitten’s new red collar. 

Maeia finds his name. 

“Mr. Kitty Kat!” 

They all laugh. They love it.

After that moment, Mr. Kitty Kat becomes a part of their family and he and Maeia become inseparable. She becomes his missing leg and he becomes her best friend. 

They hunt down rats, scare birds, chase down snakes from the garden. They climb up hills, swim in the river, and dance in the mud together. Most of it under protest of course. 

But now sitting on this pier, looking at Mr. Kitty Kat, Maeia suddenly understands how one small instant in time creates magic that has infinite ripples in life. 

And when she looks back to see how it all started. She realizes that it was– ‘curiosity’. 

That was the beginning of everything. 

Curiosity takes us out of our shells. When we feel safe and when we feel loved in our lives, we find in ourselves the courage to take a step forward towards the unknown. 

It’s a leap towards being touched by life. A leap to expand and discover our potential as a human being. A mutual and silent trust that says ‘it’s OK, take my hand and we will be in this together.’

How else would we live our lives? How else would we learn about our potential?

How can we feel compassion, if we never help someone who’s in need? How can we feel gratitude, if we never open ourselves to be helped? 

How can we feel hurt, if it wasn’t for someone to hurt us? How can we feel regret, if we never hurt anyone? 

It’s all connected, and together it’s all one. 

So… how does everything begin?

“Everything begins with curiosity.”

Maeia snaps out of her daydream and opens her eyes wide. She immediately gets up like a champion and lifts her finger victoriously towards the sky and shouts. 

“Oh, excuse me. I have a question please!!!!” 

Chiamara hears her. She was just about to go over the clouds. She rolls her eyes and smiles. 

“Of course, you do.”

She was correct. If Maeia had no natural curiosity to experience what was on her path, if this was just a game to her, a fun time to escape reality and experience magic, it would just mean that she was not ready.

Maeia looks up to the skies. She can’t believe it. It’s Chiamara, flying back to the pier in all her glory. 

She arrives and gently lands right next to her and asks.

“Sooo… Where do we begin?” 

Maeia smiles.

Now her real journey begins.

End of chapter three.


Coming soon. 

My love. I intend to tell you so much, but I am exhausted.

Oh, my dear. You don’t need to tell me anything— You just rest now, it’s alright. I’m here, I hold you.

the girl on the pier

Clann - I Hold you