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My name is Bora Ömeroğlu and I am an award winning creative producer with a decade of experience in script writing and producing serial narratives for television and web.

So far my work has been recognized by HBO, MIPTV and the Primetime Emmy Awards moreover I have been selected second time in a row, for the prestigious Producers to Watch list by REED MIDEM in Cannes, France.

Highlights of my Career

2nd time in a row!


Such an honor and a privilege to be selected, AGAIN! for this prestigious MIPTV 2022 Producers to Watch lista curated list of independent producers with global potential. #ProducersToWatch #InDevelopment #MIPTV

Thank you Reed MIDEM, thank you MIPTV and thank you the jury for this great honor.

March 22nd, 2022
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Silent Path

A Silent Walk from Istanbul to India


I, Bora Ömeroğlu, plan to walk 10.000 km across planet.

  • I shall begin my journey on March ’21 from Istanbul heading East.
  • I shall not speak the whole time and communicate by writing.
  • I shall not use any vehicle and only travel on foot.


Silent Path is a respectful and humble journey toward detaching the empty sense of identity that I have built over the years in order to reconnect with the true essence of my existence.

This is a highly focused and serene pilgrimage that I feel like I have to take in this moment in my life in order to find and reawaken to my true nature.

It’s a journey of self-discovery of one’s wisdom and compassion. Wisdom to realize that everything in this world is empty of the meaning that we dedicate to it with our mind And compassion to commit to everything’s oneness in a more loving, graceful and selfless way.


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March 15th, 2021
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Hands down, the proudest moment of my career


Such an honor and a privilege to be selected for the prestigious MIPTV Producers to Watch lista curated list of independent producers with global potential. #ProducersToWatch #InDevelopment #MIPTV

This year has been interesting… The biggest television market in the world MIPTV not only selected my new series, but they also picked me among the most talented and established producers on the planet. Wow! Such a great privilege…

One of the most important lists of 2020
page.96 of Producers to Watch 2020

MIPTV (Market of International Programs of Television) is an event which takes place annually in Cannes, France, using the facilities and infrastructure which the town has developed over the years to host other important events such as the Cannes Film Festival amongst other events.

It is the biggest content market for co-producing, buying, selling, financing and distributing entertainment content. It provides the people involved in the TV, film, digital and audiovisual content, production and distribution industry a market conference and networking forum to discover future trends and trade content rights on a global level.

So thank you Reed MIDEM, thank you MIPTV and thank you the jury for this great honor and see you in Cannes.

March 1st, 2020
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Poster of my new show. Xolenia

Official Selection MIPTV In-Development Drama Pitch

This is HUGE! A long time career goal of mine, being selected to the biggest television market in the world: MIPTV! My latest show, It’s Called Xolenia has been selected to In-Development Creative Talent Pitch 2020 out of literally hundreds of projects. This is unreal! Thank you for this honor and see you in Cannes!

Meet the other finalist of the Creative Talent Pitch

Every year, this premium event only selects 6 projects out of literally ‘hundreds’. We have spent over a year developing the project but being selected to MIPTV taking part in the biggest Television market in the world made it feel all worth it.

So thank you Reed MIDEM, thank you MIPTV and thank you the jury for this great honor.

February 18th, 2020
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On the Red Carpet with Quentin Uriel.

HBO: Upcoming TV Creators of the Year

What an amazing honour to be selected to be among the best and the most talented TV creators of 2018 from all over the world by and … This year for the second time the HBO event is happening in the cutest town of Manchester, Vermont which makes everyone feel like they are constantly walking in a movie set.

During the seven days of the event, we have met with the top executives of the industry including HBO, Netflix, Comedy Central, Fox, ABC and many more; attended the panels and watched the amazing series in the selection.

As far as our show the Elevator, even though it was one of the only 3 Non-English speaking shows in the Festival, it was received brilliantly among the audience and the executives. One of my favorite quotes after the screenings was from the Director of the Festival Philip Gilpin Jr. as he described the show as ‘genius’ and talked very generously about my unique approach to storytelling, which in fact was surprising for me since I was more used to hear the word ‘crazy’ about my series until that time. But maybe in hindsight they are the two different sides of the same coin.

Walking around the cutest town… Manchester, Vermont.
Waiting in line for the Award Ceremony.

Overall the seven day event was one of a kind experience for me. Being around so many high level executives and so many multi talented creators, gave me a unique inside look to the industry at its highest level and how it works in the States. I think I have accomplished my first introduction handsomely to so many of these very important people and also after spending so much time drinking with ridiculously talented people I have managed to create an amazing team of creatives for my next project.

So thank you Philip, thank you Vermont and finally thank you HBO and Primetime Emmy Awards for a great event and even greater experience!

October 10th, 2018
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Here’s a picture you can only find in Italy.
Check out the amazing Venue of the Market in Torino, Italy.
Pitching my new show in front of International producers.

Torino Short Film Market vol. 3

Pitching the oldest new series of mine Sex and the SixTeens at the 3rd Torino Short Film Market. My pitch went much better than the one in Marseille and right after we had our speed meetings with producers. My overall impression is that they also loved what they have heard and most of them wanted to talk more about it. We will follow up afterwards.

Last but not least, even though it was my first time in Italy, I can easily say that it had an huge impact on me… I totally fell in love with the city! The amazing architecture, extremely polite people but most of all the vibe of everything was just right for me! I wish one day I will have an other opportunity to come back and spend more time here. So finally thank you for the invitation and letting me be part of this special market.

November 22nd, 2018
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Pitching Sex and the SixTeens in Marseille, France.
Great talk with Frank Spotnitz, the showrunner of the Man in the High Castle.
Final Day of the Residence with Final Draft Certificates.

Marseille Writing Residence

You directly feel that an organization cares for the writers when they fly you all the way from Boston, pay for your stay plus expenses for the whole week… And that’s how Marseille Writing Residence has started. Thirteen writers from all over Europe all expenses paid, invited to be in the writer’s room of Professor Rich for four days of intense work to perfect their pitch and ultimately present it to the producers who are attending the Pitch Sessions.

I have to admit it was challenging… Not only being in the spotlight and pitching is a b*tch for us writers but being in a room with twelve other extremely smart storytellers and make your story bulletproof to their questions required more work than I’ve anticipated. But in the end it was all worth it since after a whole week I have found myself feeling very confident about my pitch.

The other interesting part of the Residence was the panels… We’ve attended truly interesting talks with Frank Spotnitz, the showrunner of the hit series the Man in the High Castle and Anthony Horowitz, the author of the last James Bond novel. I always find these panels with established industry writers very interesting, since more often than not when you get into a conversation with them you realize that they went through the exact same troubles that you as a writer go through everyday and it always helps me to hear that from people that I look up to.

Cathédrale de la Major Marseille, France.
My favorite… Connection between the Old City Walls and the Modern Art Museum.

Lastly I want to mention a couple of things about the city… Every city that I visit have a character, a motto or something that they identify themselves with and in Marseille that was multi-culturalism. As a port city located in the South of France, Marseille apparently has always been the place where cultures meet and live together. And you can feel that diversity everywhere around the city; in the streets, in the architecture and in their approach to everything.

Overall one week in Marseille in Professor Rich’s writing room was genuinely one of a kind experience. I perfected my pitch for my new series, met with some of the greatest writers of my generation plus we also had the chance to be part of the biggest web festival of Europe, Marseille Web Fest.

So thank you Professor, thank you Jean-Michel Albert and thank you @marswebfest for this great honor! I will remember this forever.

October 18th, 2018
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What a treat! We’re in ‘El Cultural

This week we are in the the biggest weekly culture magazine of Spain, El Cultural. Check out these amazing quotes from @EnricAlbero reviewing our comedy series The Elevator.

” The crazy vein of the the 33rd International Valencia Film Festival is exploding in The Elevator by Bora Omeroglu. It is the story of a baby with a moustache, raised in an elevator by a superhero who looks like Batman with osteoarthritis…”

” With an aesthetic that at times can remind the Jeunet-Caro duo, this Turkish comedy is between the bizarre explosion and the technical filigree without mitigating a feeling of dejà-vu…”

Check out the full article by Enrico Albero.

July 1st, 2018
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Winner of the ‘What’s Next Award’

What an honor! I have been awarded with the most prestigious What’s Next Award in @Webfestberlin as the Writer to Watch, expected to shape the near future of storytelling..! It was truly one of the most important and memorable nights in my life. Even now I am having real hard time expressing how I feel about that evening.

In my humble experience, every festival has a perspective and a purpose that reflects on their selections. In Berlin, in the heart of Europe the focus of the festival is always to find the next trend and next big thing in storytelling! Therefore every year they present their most important award as What’s Next Award to one writer, one director and one producer to watch. And this year I was fortunate enough to be named the What’s Next: Writer to have that privilege.

This award was particularly important and extremely emotional for me because since I have decided to follow the career path to be a writer, I’ve been spending so much time trying to create stories that offer something entirely new to storytelling and the overall narrative in the industry, which has not been the easiest and the most rewarding task to take on… But this award not only rewards my series The Elevator as ‘the next thing’ but also recognize my entire efforts to be original since the beginning of my career. It’s really hard to express how good it felt to hear my name in the ceremony and to know that all my efforts so far were paid off at some level!

And the winner is… Bora Omeroglu, creator of the innovative series the Elevator.
What’s Next Award up close.

Finally I want to promise to the jury who found me worthy of such prestigious award that I will go further than any alumni of this award and I will make you proud of your decision every step of the way! Thank you so much for this honor! This night was for life!

Check out this article about for more about Webfest Berlin and the prestigious What’s Next Award.

September 9th, 2018
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With Quentin Uriel, director of the series Nemausus.
Houseguests of Joël Bassaget, Schreinerstraße 54.

Webfest Berlin ’18

Everyone was telling me that Webfest Berlin was one the best web festivals out there but to be honest I had my doubts in the beginning. Mostly because of my old prejudice telling me that Berlin was one of the coldest places in Europe and as some of you may know there is no way I might have fun in a big, cold and grey city.

But only after you arrive to Berlin that you feel the extreme dynamic and cosmopolite texture of the city. And I was happily surprised to see the same characteristic and most importantly the sun shinning in the beginning of the festival. Berlin, being located right in the heart of Europe, was easily accessible for everyone and almost all the series was represented with their creators and it’s always interesting to meet these ridicioulsly talented people sharing the same passion as you do.

The festival was extremely well organised, the selection was very elegant and the panels were very educative but to me the most vital thing that makes a festival fun is the Venue and what it offers to the attendees. And oh my God! If you have seen this place..! Already an art scene itself, literally 30 seconds away from the warehouse that the festival was happening… An amazing bar, live music, a riverside restaurant and a pizza place! I mean come on! Add to that the most fun French group you can ever meet and there you have it… The recipe for the Greatest Festival Ever!

“The Son and the Anarchy.”
Waiting nervously for my screening.

In the end, what has started as a big question mark in my mind has turned into the most fun I’ve ever had in a long time. Webfest Berlin was the best festival experience I’ve ever had, even before the award ceremony has begun.

So thank you Meredith, Joel Bassaget and @Webfestberlin for this truly extraordinary event.

September 7th, 2018
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Well… That just happened!

I am super excited to announce that my humble comedy series The Elevator  is selected as an Official Selection to be part of the biggest and prestigious television festival in USA, The Independent Television Festival sponsored by and .

Thank you for this very special recognition and hopefully we will see you in October!

August 20th, 2018
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33rd Valencia International Film Festival

So happy and proud to be part of the 33rd International Valencia Film Festival Cinemajove with my series The Elevator to be among the only twelve Official Selections from all around the world.

Last time I was here, I was 24 and I was a student in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. And as an art student living here, I know first hand how big and important this festival is. I have always dreamed to be a part of it and I am so excited. What an honor!

My first take is, Festival is happening all around the city and it’s big! You can feel the magnitude when you literally can not walk anywhere without seeing a huge billboard promoting the festival. Also the selection of web series is very exclusive and the program with only twelve series makes the festival much more intimate.

Opening ceremony at the historical Rialto Theatre, Valencia.
Twelve Official Selections and their creators.
Some Q&A after our screenings.

Opening Ceremony was huge and the screenings were great. It really never stops to amaze me how good some stories truly are and I am so glad for these festivals to let them get recognized. In the Questions and Answer section of my screening I have received this perfect question about my series: “” I have watched your show and it’’s brilliant, congrats! I only have one question…… Are you crazy? “” I think, right there, that was easily the highlight of the festival for me…

The Elevator did not win an award but overall being selected to the final twelve among 300 or more series was an award in itself. Moreover being part of 33rd Valencia International Film Festival and revisiting the city that I have so many good memories about was phenomenal.

So thank you Maria Albinana, thank you @cinemajove and thank you the city of Valencia… you’ve been always kind to me!

June 22th, 2020
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An Interview in Valencia, Spain

As a part of the buzz that the Elevator has created over the 33rd Valencia International Film Festival Cinemajove, I was selected as one of two directors for an official interview… We’ve talked about the show, my inspirations and also my past visit to the city when I was a student in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia studying Audiovisual Communication.

Check out the full interview by Gerardo Léon.

July 7th, 2018
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Gandia, Valencia… In front of my old University and my old apartment.
Valencia Créa 2009 Design Awards. Group picture of the winners.
My very first award Best Video Art with my first short film! Tiny Bora!

Down the memory lane…

While I was in Valencia, I’ve had a chance to take a quick trip to Gandia and to revisit my old University, Politécnica de Valencia and old memories came flooding.

My first award as a filmmaker was given to me right here in Valencia as a part of Valencia Crea 09′ Design Awards and in my speech I had told word for word that ” This is my first award of my film career and I will remember this forever” and true enough it has been almost ten years and still it’s as special as it was the first day. Being in Valencia was very emotional and made me realize that this place was truly a home away from home for me.

June 28th, 2018
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The first award of the Elevator… Little camera shy! Ready, Set Go!

Miami Web Fest

I came here without expectation only to be among the very talented creators of these amazing series. But during this festival The Elevator has created a great buzz and in the end was awarded with the Best Trailer Award.

During the 4 days of the festival we have been in truly interesting panels, including TV director Bobby Roth, actor Keith David and many other executives, legal representatives etc.  I also had the opportunity to pitch The Elevator to the producers from Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures and Electus Digital. And event hough I think I did a mediocre job at pitching it, they loved the show!

Also I want to say something about the location of the festival.  South Beach, Miami..! What a beautiful place with an amazing beach, all around bars and gorgeous people! Wow..!

Thank you Bryan Thompson and Miami Web Fest for a one of a kind experience and the award.  Totally worth the trip!

Check out our trailer HERE

May 2nd, 2018
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I am so excited to announce the first Official Selection of our series to the biggest Web Festival in Los Angeles… The Hollyweb Festival. I still can’t believe that this has happened. It’s surreal.

Thank you so much for this recognition and we will hopefully see you in Los Angeles, soon.

February 1st, 2018
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