Down the Memory Lane

While I was in Spain for the 33rd Valencia International Film Festival, I had a chance to take a quick trip to Gandia, and to visit my old University Campus of Politécnica de Valencia, and old memories came flooding.

Valencia Créa 2009 Design Awards Winners, Bora Omeroglu – Best Video Art.

My first award as a filmmaker was given to me right here in this city as a part of Valencia Crea 09′ Design Awards as the Best Video Art Project. In my acceptance speech I told word for word the following:

My very first international award with my first short film The Coil. God, I look so young!

”This is the very first award of my film career. I can promise that I will remember this, and the city of Valencia forever in my life.” And true enough, it has been almost ten years and still it’s as special as it was the first day. Being in Valencia was very emotional and made me realize that this place was truly a home away from home for me.

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