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Wow! That just happened

Wow! That just happened

I am beyond thrilled to announce that our humble comedy show The Elevator has been selected as an Official Selection to be part of the biggest and most prestigious television festival in USA. The Independent Television Festival @itvfest sponsored by HBO and Primetime Emmy Awards. This is insane!

Thank you for this very special recognition and hopefully we will see you in October!

33rd Valencia Film Festival

33rd Valencia Film Festival

So happy and proud to be part of the 33rd Valencia International Film Festival Cinemajove with my series The Elevator to be among the only twelve Official Selections from all around the world.

Last time I was in this city, I was 24 and I was a student in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. As an art student living in Valencia, I know first hand how big and important this festival is, and I have always dreamed to be a part of it. I am beyond excited. What an honor!

My first take is, Festival is happening all around the city and it’s big! You can feel the magnitude when you literally can not walk anywhere without seeing a huge billboards promoting the festival. Also the selection of web series is very exclusive and a program with only twelve series makes the festival much more intimate and exclusive.

Opening ceremony at the historical Rialto Theatre, Valencia.
12 Official Selections and their creators.
Q&A session after the screening.

Opening Ceremony was huge and the screenings were great. It really never stops to amaze me how good some stories truly are and I am so glad for these festivals to let them get recognized. In the Questions and Answer section of my screening I have received this perfect question about my series: “ I have watched your show and it’s brilliant, congrats! I only have one question…Are you crazy?“. I think, right there, that was easily the highlight of the festival for me.

The Elevator did not receive an award but overall being selected to the final twelve among 300 or more series was an award in itself. Moreover being part of 33rd Valencia International Film Festival and revisiting the city that I have so many good memories about was phenomenal.

So thank you the director Maria Albinana, thank you @cinemajove and thank you the city of Valencia. You’ve been always very kind to me!

An Interview in Spain

An Interview in Spain

As a part of the buzz that the Elevator has created over the 33rd Valencia International Film Festival Cinemajove, I was selected as one of two short-form creators for an official interview.

It was simply a pleasure to meet the kindest Gerardo in this process. We’ve talked about the show, my career, my inspirations and also my past visit to Valencia, when I was just a young student in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia studying Audiovisual Communication.

Check out the full interview here by Gerardo Léon.

Down the Memory Lane

Down the Memory Lane

While I was in Spain for the 33rd Valencia International Film Festival, I had a chance to take a quick trip to Gandia, and to visit my old University Campus of Politécnica de Valencia, and old memories came flooding.

Valencia Créa 2009 Design Awards Winners, Bora Omeroglu – Best Video Art.

My first award as a filmmaker was given to me right here in this city as a part of Valencia Crea 09′ Design Awards as the Best Video Art Project. In my acceptance speech I told word for word the following:

My very first international award with my first short film The Coil. God, I look so young!

”This is the very first award of my film career. I can promise that I will remember this, and the city of Valencia forever in my life.” And true enough, it has been almost ten years and still it’s as special as it was the first day. Being in Valencia was very emotional and made me realize that this place was truly a home away from home for me.

First Award in Miami!

First Award in Miami!

I honesty came here without expectation, only to be among the very talented creators of these amazing series. But during the festival our work The Elevator has created an amazing buzz among the jury and in the end was awarded with the Best Trailer Award.

During the 4 days of the festival we have been in truly interesting panels, including TV director Bobby Roth, actor Keith David and many other executives, legal representatives of the industry.  I also had the opportunity to pitch The Elevator, for the first time, to the producers of Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures and Electus Digital. And event hough I think I did a mediocre job at pitching it, they loved my vision and my comedy style!

Lastly, I want to say something about the location of the festival, South Beach, Miami! Wow! What a beautiful place with the most amazing beach, all around bars and gorgeous people!

Thank you Bryan Thompson and Miami Web Fest for a one of a kind experience and the award. Totally worth the trip!

Check out our Award Winning Trailer HERE

First Official Selection in LA!

First Official Selection in LA!

I am so excited to announce the first Official Selection of our series @SeriesElevator to the biggest Web Festival in Los Angeles, The Hollyweb Festival. I still can’t believe that this has happened. It’s surreal!

The Hollyweb Festival is the world’s premiere digital content festival, as seen on TLC, and sponsored by AMC Independent. It’s named by Raindance Festival as one of the Top 12 Must Attend Events for Web Series Creators.

HollyWeb aims to honor those who create work for the digital space-whether it be a series, pilot, or short. Projects previously screened at HollyWeb have gone on to receive Emmy nominations, feature film deals, and TV deals.

Thank you so much for this recognition and we will hopefully see you in Los Angeles, soon.