First Award in Miami!

I honesty came here without expectation, only to be among the very talented creators of these amazing series. But during the festival our work The Elevator has created an amazing buzz among the jury and in the end was awarded with the Best Trailer Award.

During the 4 days of the festival we have been in truly interesting panels, including TV director Bobby Roth, actor Keith David and many other executives, legal representatives of the industry. I also had the opportunity to pitch The Elevator, for the first time, to the producers of Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures and Electus Digital. And event hough I think I did a mediocre job at pitching it, they loved my vision and my comedy style!

Award Winning Show, The Elevator.

Lastly, I want to say something about the location of the festival, South Beach, Miami! Wow! What a beautiful place with the most amazing beach, all around bars and gorgeous people!

Thank you Bryan Thompson and Miami Web Fest for a one of a kind experience and the award. Totally worth the trip!

Check out our now newly renowned Award Winning Trailer.

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